Increase Revenue in a matter of weeks








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eRx / encounters

eRx / Telemedicine

Increase Revenue in a matter of weeks

CCM, AWV, and remote monitoring services for a small number of patients can generate > $100,000 revenue per year

Reduce work load & increase revenue

Chronic Care Management
  • Average CCM eligible patients per practice almost 490
  • $ 43 average monthly reimbursement per patient
  • CCM for 30% of eligible patients earn you > $ 70,000 additional revenue per year
  • Use ethizo to complete patient enrolment in less than two minutes
  • Comprehensive CCM plan can be created in less than ten minutes
  • 80 % of CCM activities captured automatically on ethizo platform
  • Available on all devices including phones and tablets
  • At completion of CCM minutes bill is automatically generated
  • Patients data can be shared with other health care providers irrespective of the health IT system they use or even if they do not use any health IT system
Annual Wellness Visit
  • A patient can complete his/her information securely from any device at any place
  • Patient can collaborate with other family members irrespective of their geographical location
  • Near complete automation of Annual Wellness Visit
  • Comprehensive documentation for AWV created in a matter of minutes
Remote Monitoring
  • Since 2019, CMS has released additional Remote monitoring CPT codes.
  • Reimbursement is about $120 monthly per patient.
  • ethizo provides automated RM product to help provider increase revenue in matter of weeks
Nursing Home Communication Platform
  • ethizo have transformed the faxing work flow into almost an email system
  • Available from any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet and Web)
  • Receive faxes with a customisable system of alerts, notifications and reminders
  • Answer faxes without touching the keyboard
  • Place orders, reply, forward, save as drafts and more features to simplify workflow
  • No need to type or use a pen. Use speech and few clicks to get the job done
Communication Platform
  • State of the art communication platform with HIPAA compliant texting, video, audio & images
  • FDA approved device attachments for transmission of physical exam on smart phones, tablets or PC’s
  • Patients, their caregivers and care team can join from any location and any device even if they are not using our application
  • Electronic prescription for regular medicine and controlled substances from any device
  • Real time formulary checks for insurances
  • Drug interaction alerts in real time
  • Get history of all prescriptions filled by patient from any pharmacy in the US within seconds

We are a team of 60 US Physicians and 80+ engineers